Auditions are now open for Ribix Productions' Legacies. Legacies is a new play by Rachel Pengilly, with music by Shannon Parnell. This incredible true story is coming to Canberra in Spring 2020. Come aboard!

Legacies follows the journey of seven young boys who, in 1868, stowed away on a ship bound from Scotland to Canada. Battered by the icy storms and harsh conditions on board, fighting against a crew who are not welcoming of the seven extra mouths, the stowaways’ survival relies on each other - and a woman with sharp eyes who will save generations. Legacies explores the concept of a legacy and how one is created. It brings forward the importance of a single choice and demonstrates how the world is made up of such choices.

We are currently casting this show and are looking for a range of performers. Legacies has a strong basis in music and physical movement: as such, we are looking for actors, dancers, circus performers, and more. We will be auditioning on Friday 3, Saturday 4, Sunday 5 and Monday 6 April. 

Our production of Legacies will be a profit share, meaning that if the show makes profits, cast and crew will receive a percentage. All the information regarding this, including contracts, will be released to the cast and crew in April. It is our intention to be as open and transparent with our finances as possible. If you have any questions regarding this, please do not hesitate to contact us.

For information regarding digital bookings or the safety measures that we are implementing in the audition process to help minimise the risk of illness or infection, please email us at

Download the Audition Information Booklet below!


  1. Download the Audition Information Booklet (above). This has all the information necessary for auditions, including when and where, character descriptions, and the audition process. 

  2. Book your Individual and/or Movement Audition time slot (below).  Those auditioning for lead, supporting or ensemble characters must book an Individual Audition and a Movement Audition; they need only attend the first half hour of the Movement Audition. Those auditioning for the movement ensemble must only book a Movement Audition; they need to attend the full hour. 

  3. Download and fill out the Legacies Audition Form (below). You must bring a printed copy of this, along with a headshot, to your audition. 

  4. Prepare for your audition. You can find the relevant audition material below, including selected excerpts, monologues and songs. 


If you are auditioning for a lead or supporting character, you must prepare an excerpt from the script of Legacies, in addition to a monologue. The script excerpts are listed below. Please select the name of the character auditioning for to download the appropriate excerpt. If you are auditioning for multiple lead or supporting characters, please choose either your top two characters or the two most different from each other, to show your diversity. All the characters, except Abigail, talk in Scottish accents. You may choose to do your audition in a Scottish accent. 

Please note: the following excerpts are from the script of Legacies. They are all copyrighted to Rachel Pengilly ©2020


If you are auditioning for a lead, supporting or ensemble character, you must prepare a short monologue. This is in addition to an excerpt from the script. You may choose any monologue that you like; we have selected a few that have similar themes or styles to Legacies, which you may use if you wish. You can download these monologues below. 

If you are auditioning for multiple characters, you do not have to additionally prepare a monologue. The monologues are to show the audition panel your diversity in performance. 


If you are auditioning for the role of Abigail, you will also be required to demonstrate your singing ability, as this character has one song. As the style of singing for Abigail is very specific, a list of songs has been provided below. Please select and prepare one for your audition. You may bring a backing track on a USB, as long as it is only that; please ensure that there are no vocals on this track. We will also have an AUX cord available. During your audition, if we are short on time, the Musical Director may request only a certain part of the song.

Please select your audition piece from one of the four listed below. 

I See Fire - Ed Sheeran

All is Found - Frozen 2

Once Upon a December - The Original Broadway Cast of Anastasia

Jenny of Oldstones - Florence + The Machine


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