The Challenge: To create a original piece of devised theatre… in a week. 

About the Project

Stage Devision was a unique theatre and media based project looking to create engaging theatrical performances. 

The Challenge: To create an original piece of devised theatre in a week. 

At the beginning of the project, actors were placed into teams. Each team was given one week to create a ten minute devised theatre piece (short play or performance based on a theme). Each team was mentored by experienced directors and theatre-makers, and given full access to sound, lighting, props and costumes. The project culminated with performances at Belconnen Community Theatre. 



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"Everything I have ever done has led to this point in my life."

To Stay in Silence premiered as part of Stage Devision (2018). New from playwright Rachel Pengilly comes a short, thought-provoking unfolding of events. Maashous Little is an army officer, a few hours short of learning the country, and not entirely ready to say goodbye to his younger sister April. In a last attempt at resolution, Maashous returns to the tree where April died. 

To Stay in Silence


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