There's always something happening, whether we're in the middle of production for a musical or writing a new one; winning a grant or calling for auditions. Make sure you never miss an update. 

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Announcing... our major 2020 project: Legacies. Legacies follows the true story of seven stowaways from Scotland who embarked on the adventure of a lifetime. The play is scheduled for workshops in 2019 and a major production in 2020. 

'We Are The Foxes'

A two-part documentary released on YouTube. 

You can now follow our journey as we created this original production. Check out exclusive behind-the-scenes footage. Hear sneak peeks of songs and scenes. Meet the cast and crew. See how 'Foxes' came to life! 

StirXP Grant

We have been incredibly lucky to win a Stir grant of $1,000 to assist with the production 'Foxes: The Musical'. We want to sincerely thank every single person who voted for us (all 277 of you!) and helped spread the word. We couldn't have done it without you!

​A HUGE thank you is also due to the wonderful people over at Cause A Stir and the CBR Innovation Network, as well as all their incredible sponsors who made this possible. 



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