JULY 2019

Legacies: Workshop Production

Based on a true story, Legacies follows the journey of seven young boys who, in 1868, stowed away on a ship bound from Scotland to Canada. Battered by the icy storms and harsh conditions on board, fighting against a crew who are not welcoming of the extra mouths, the stowaways’ survival relies on each other – and a woman with sharp eyes who will save generations. 


Stage Devision

Stage Devision was a unique theatre and media based project looking to create engaging theatrical performances.

The Challenge: To create an original piece of devised theatre in a week. 

MAY 2018

If I Could Only

Two choreographers. Two dance disciplines. One song.

Over April and May of 2018 of 2018, a team of ten dancers assembled. Their goal was to experiment with the idea of a dance incorporating two different disciplines. Choreographed by leading choreographers Hannah Pengilly and Ruby Larsen, ‘If I Could Only’ uses both tap and contemporary to tell a beautiful story. 


Foxes: The Musical

Indi, estranged heir to a crumbling kingdom, has returned home. In her absence, a rebel youth gang known as the Foxes has risen up against the monarchy. Coming head to head with Sierra, the Foxes’ fierce and protective leader, Indi is faced with a difficult choice: join the gang or side with the father she left behind.

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